In Defense of the Casual Gamer

Playing video games is fun for me. I love exploring a piece of art by walking through an environment and customizing my experience while listening to an amazing soundtrack. The ability of video game developers to expand on a story by using every medium of art at once is a unique experience. I love that this experience is not limited to those who are good at it.

Becoming great at a single game takes laser focus and a lot of time practicing a particular set of skills. This provides some people with an almost endless amount of enjoyment. Not me. I love video games even though I am not particularly great at them. I love exploring things in my own way even though it may not be optimal. If there is an extreme challenge that I can not get in 5 or so tries I will go around and avoid until I am a higher level.

Older games are a little more unforgiving and the “get good” mentality really is the only way. If it is a game I have already spent the time practicing the needed skills then I am in. Otherwise if it is linear in terms of levels and my chops are not up to scratch then the section, level, or game might fall to the wayside. I love master mode in Breath of the Wild but am still between apprentice through adept in Skyrim after hundreds of hours of play (for reference a 2-3/6 difficulty). This is another reason why I love Super Mario Maker over any 2D Mario.

All of this is to say that for me video games are about immersion and exploration and this is not only fine but perfect for me and I love it.

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