Kirby’s Adventure on NES is My Favorite Album of All Time

The Soundtrack on Youtube

Kirby’s Adventure gives me all sorts of warm fuzzy nostalgic feelings. The color palate, art style, and lullaby soundtrack form a triforce of comfort. The sound design of this game is technically the most complex of all NES games due to it being released 8 years after the launch of the System. This allowed the game developers at HAL to maximize the system hardware capabilities through experience and more space on the cartridge. Now it is free for those that have switch online on the virtual console.

I love how much creativity was packed into this game. The fact that I can just float through most of the levels and listen to my favorite soundtrack of all time makes me feel like I truly am in a dream land. You get to wander crystal castles, oceans of orange sparkling waters, and fly through space as a UFO. The game is bursting with color and beautiful scenery ending each level with a dance on puffy clouds and space rainbows. This color theme is intentional; the first letter of each world forms the acronym ROYGBIV backwards. The music is a sonic expression of this color theme and thats why I love it.

One thought on “Kirby’s Adventure on NES is My Favorite Album of All Time

  1. The Kirby’s Adventure OST is easily the best on the NES, I completely agree. I’ve always loved the fact that Nintendo was able to establish the theme songs/recurring themes for their series which started on the NES all the way back then, just updating them with each new release.

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