Why I Love Acquisitions Incorporated


Acquisitions Incorporated is my favorite Dungeons and Dragons web series. They made it possible for livestreaming D&D sessions to become successful. The group started with Mike Krahulik and Jerry Holkins (creators of both the Penny Arcade webcomic and PAX conventions), Scott Kurtz (another webcomic creator), and the creative director of Dungeons and Dragons Chris Perkins as Dungeon Master. During the series the roster has morphed but usually stays in the sweet spot of four players and one DM.

Some of the players who have sat at the table as members of AI:

Wil Wheaton (Tabletop, Star Trek, Stand by Me) as Aeofel ‘Al’ Elhromane:

Very showboaty, sometimes obnoxious, but in the earlier episodes Wil brings the other players into a more role playing mode instead of just cheap jokes. I can appreciate this but I am also glad that Wil and Ac. Inc. went their separate ways (nothing against Wil).

Patrick Rothfuss (author of my 2nd favorite fantasy series The Kingkiller Chronicles) as the suave rogue Viari:

Viari is known for his ability to drop from chandeliers, saying his catch phrase “What ho!”, and his ability to weasel out the best possible scenario from the DM (that Pat Rothfuss BS). Pat sticks to his character even (or especially) when it disadvantages him or the team accompanied by groans from the other players. I love Pat’s story telling and he is one of my favorites.

Morgan Webb as the sharp shooting ranger Môrgæn:

Môrgæn brings some much needed female energy to the party in the early (and later) sessions. With her dry wit and strong persona she is a force to be reckoned with and is an arrow flinging, threat spewing, killing machine. I love that Morgan as a player raises the maturity bar for humor in the sessions when she is present.

Cool, But Why?

The thing about AI that I love is that it just seems like a table of friends goofing around the table but they are also professional story/joke tellers and have amazing grasp at language. The pop culture references and jokes are some of the most laugh out loud moments I have had while watching any media. Perkin’s DMing is top notch and truly overlooked since a lot of the D&D fan base seems to be Matt Mercer or bust.

Check out Acquisitions Incorporated by clicking the link at the start of this page. You might surprise yourself by how much you like it even if you do not play Dungeons and Dragons.

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