I Wish I Knew How to Play Music

Tonight was the night. The Golden Light filled the hall and cast a spell on its inhabitants. Eyes rolled back, we shouted at the heavens to give us The Gift That Keeps on Giving. We have had many Gatherings of The Golden Light but all have been yet unsuccessful. This time when we gathered and shouted and stamped and feasted something special happened. Our fingers and voices starting vibrating and tingling with The Golden Light. I have always wished I had known how to play music. Tonight was the night. We extracted the instruments from their homes in the recesses of the walls and we blew and shouted and wailed and beat our drums and played our keys and shook our tambourines. The feeling overtook us and as we played The Golden Song, The Golden Light shone brighter and brighter until our arms could not be lifted any longer and our lips went numb and our voices hoarse. The light slowly partitioned and encased itself in each of our bodies, ready to be released again.

Now For Some Rest.

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