Why I Love Honey Buzz

I wish this was a paid endorsement, but like all of my other posts so far, I am just expressing my love for the things I love. Honey Buzz by Elf Creek Games shot to the top of my favorite board games (tied with Root) almost the first time I played it. This tile laying, worker placement is a great balance between simple and complex.

Wooden fan and money tokens only come with deluxe version which I did not get nor do I care. The bee meeples or “beeples” are wood in the base game though and they are super cute.

The theme is that your queen bee decides she wants to start selling the honey from the hive in the market. With four types of honey (wildflower, rosemary, acacia, and cherry blossom), the market shifts as the game goes on with single varietals being worth less every time they are sold. You expand your tile based hive which will trigger your actions which gives a nice spacial planning aspect to the game that is so rewarding. The player who has the most points at the end wins.

You are regularly creating hive cells to place nectar in to fan off the moisture and make honey. I love how all of the actions fit the theme so well as I am a big fan of honey bees and honey. The honey pieces in the game are made out of a sort of rubbery plastic that gives a nice tactile experience and the aesthetics are incredible. Mix all of this with the aforementioned mechanics and this game is an instant classic.

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