5 Reasons I Want to Be a Hobbit

1. The Homes

Hobbit holes seem like such a great place to live. Living halfway underground is very energy efficient and being underground gives me a feeling of being grounded or connected to the earth. The round doors, windows, and timber give these homes the natural, flowing feeling of the woods. The fact that gardens are a big part of hobbit life is one of the most admirable things about hobbits. Sitting in the garden with some tea while resting one’s feet sounds like a pleasant way to spend a lifetime of afternoons.

2. The Clothes

Tunics, vests, and shin length trousers seem like fun clothes to wear. Having no shoes seems like a very sensible thing when hiking in the countryside away from overpopulated streets and bathrooms. Just thinking about hobbit clothes makes me wonder “why not, why shouldn’t I (wear) it?”

3. The Food

Hobbit life revolves around food. That’s a fact. They also enjoy feasting, snacking, and drinking fine ales and wine. Many mentions of breads, cheeses and meats mixed in with garden fresh country vegetables is enough to get your mouth watering. I feel like feasts are underrated and underutilized these days. Potlucks are similar but they need a hobbit band and hobbit dances. We should also bring back rousing choruses of people singing drinking songs together.

4. The Walks

Walking is my favorite exercise. Sometimes I walk while listening to music, sometimes I walk while soaking in the natural symphony of the wild woods, sometimes I walk with my partner or friends. I love maps and trails and would love to have conversations with elves and dwarves along my path, gathering tales of frightening news and adventures involving orcs and dragons.

5. The Community

Hobbit life is the best life. It is built around community with ridiculous rivalries and cozy communal celebrations. Everyone knows each other for better or for worse. You can form your hobbit crew and rest your furry feet, smoke your pipes, sip on some ale, and eat hearty meals all day. With my modern lifestyle and addiction to technology, a slower, rural, electricity-free life filled with quality connection sounds both relaxing and rewarding.

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