Why Walking is My Favorite Activity

Helps Manage and Solve Pain

As a musician and gamer with an extremely sedentary past, walking (mixed with meditation) has helped manage and heal the pain from carpal tunnel, costochondritis, and nerve pain. These injuries used to take over my life but now if any of them poke their heads up I know what to do: take more walks and meditate.

Clears my Head

This reason is another one that pairs nicely with meditation. Clearing my head and relieving any tension is something I need to do regularly and walking helps put me in the mood to meditate. While I am on a walk I can just tune into the sights and smells of the outdoors. This puts my mind at ease.

Gives me a Chance to Listen to Music

Listening to music is one of the great pleasures of life. For us that are lucky enough to be able to, listening to music changes our mood and mindset. Walking while listening helps me immerse myself in the song and the rhythm. Working at home has taken away my music time in my car so walking is my main way to listen to the music that makes me happy.

Connects with Nature

Being outside is where humans are supposed to be. we built boxes to hide from the weather but they can sometimes become prisons. Taking a walk can help our mind off-gas and strengthen by taking in the complex shapes, patterns, colors, and smells of the natural world. Walking in the woods has such an adventurous feel to it.

Feeling Part of the Community

I am a proud introvert. Even though I love being by myself I think it is healthy and important to see and at least non-verbally communicate with your neighbors. With walking in my neighborhood or on the greenway I get to see what is going on in my area. When hiking on trails in parks or off the parkway I get to connect with the outdoors community.

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