Change What You Can and Let Go of the Rest

Changing what you can and letting go of the rest is a goal that brings happiness. I’m not sure if this is a goal that is actually achievable but I believe that it is a goal that I should constantly strived for. Finding this balance is the constant focus of my life and the further along I get in this journey, the happier and more centered I feel.

So if a difficult situation comes up, this is the sequence of events that I am always trying to stick to:

  • I wonder if I can change it in the moment.
  • If I can not, I evaluate if the problem to be solved would benefit from me working on it in the moment.
  • If not, I try to write it down so that I can tell myself that I will get to it later but i can not address it at the moment.
  • If I can’t change it at all, I use deep breathing and meditation to come closer to or achieve acceptance.

Oak is my favorite app for meditation and deep breathing exercises:

It is super simple, streamlined and to the point. My second favorite is Insight Timer but I don’t really do led meditation much anymore.

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