8 Bit Cardboard Wizard’s Stress Relief Manifesto

Stress will kill us if we don’t deal with it. I use the energy to engage with a hobby or I do one of these.

Deep Breathing

Breathing techniques are great. I use the Oak App to guide my deep breathing exercises. It is simple and quick and can reset your stress levels instantly.


Buddhism is important to me and whenever I fall off track meditation gets my life and stress levels to where they need to be. I use Oak for this too, The app Insight Timer has some great free led meditations if you are into that. I read Buddhism books occasionally to keep me centered too (The Myth of Freedom is a good one; check My Top 10 Books post).


Another subject I have a whole post on. We were evolved to walk, and walking is how we will find ourselves.

Drinking Water

Since I live with a decent amount of pain off and on, I have become aware of the interaction between pain and stress. Making sure I am super hydrated prevents pain from getting worse and makes me feel good.

Progressive Muscle Relaxation

This is a new one for me. PMR is all about going through sections of my body at a time and clenching/tightening that area for 8 or so seconds and then super slowly breathe out and relax. Really helps me with wrist, shoulder, and neck tension. It works really well and I will do it sometimes at the start of meditation sessions if I get aches.

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