Environmentalism is Human

Walking in nature is what we were designed to do. Smelling decaying leaves and rich soil while taking in the stark colors of winter or the vibrant colors of spring, summer, or fall is our natural habitat. I am amazed whenever I see litter on the ground. How can humans spend so much time creating an object to create another object and then just throw it on the ground like it was less than nothing; a burden? I love the Planet Earth BBC series and every time I see a documentary of similar caliber I am reminded of just how fragile and interconnected ecosystems can be.

But the Brazilian rain forest, while a key part of our planet’s health, is not the only ecosystem worth our time and effort. In every yard and every street corner, there is opportunity for increasing biodiversity. So I will reduce my lawn, increase floral and vegetative variety in my garden, and vote for environmentally friendly policies because it will make my surroundings so much better.

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