A Better World

This site is meant to be a positive place to feel good. That was and remains the mission. Here are some of the things that I believe would make the real world better and my objectives every day point towards the goal of realizing this vision:

Life would be greater if:

  • Teachers, social workers, therapists, nurses, artists, musicians, librarians, and any sort of front line human oriented position would all be paid six figure salaries.
  • We valued the visual beauty of in-place resources more than out-of-ground resources.
  • We all submitted to facts and base policy differences on interpretation of facts.
  • We valued lives more than money.
  • We valued family, friends, and others more than our work.
  • Our primary focus was on enriching/preserving biodiversity.
  • Our secondary focus on planetary exploration for the purpose of art, inspiration, and community building.
  • There was a limit on how much money one person could have.
  • Health, water, unspoiled nature, were human rights.
  • Homelessness was replaced by tiny home style communities with programs to find work and save up for their own place.
  • Libraries were given the resources and opportunities to be cultural hubs.

Do you think I am wrong? Do you have any other ideas for a greater future?

Feel free to comment below! I would love to hear what great ideas others have!

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