I Love to Play Music

Music, dance, and visual arts are mostly undervalued in our society (except for videogames). When I say undervalued I do not mean that there are not expensive shows to see or art pieces to own. I mean that not enough of our tax money goes towards supporting artists and encouraging everyone to express themselves artistically. Art is a celebration of life and we are calculators without it (my fiancé would say I’m still a calculator with it). Music, both listening and playing, is what recharges my metaphorical batteries.

I have written songs since 6th or 7th grade and I will never stop. Writing a new song that I like is the best feeling and leads to all sorts of daydreams and worlds in my mind. I make visual arts sometimes although I am not practiced and therefore make bad art. This doesn’t matter to me because it is the process of making the art that is important to me. I feel like i am reasonably good at writing songs and am very proud of the music I make (although my recording/production skills have much more room to improve).

Woodland Alliance (my band) Playlists

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Here is a playlist of solo performances:

Here is a playlist of Woodland Alliance (my band with my fiancé):

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