Science is the Human Interpretation of Reality

“I don’t like science”

“I am not good at science”

“Science is boring”

These phrases are expressed by not the weak-minded, but the uninitiated. Science is a language and a system that humans use to communicate our interpretation of reality. We don’t actually know what is real. For example we “know” that veins that look blue from the outside of your body are not actually blue, they just appear that way due to how the skin filters out longer (redder) wavelengths of light. But if a collection of new observations and data disprove this “fact” then there may be a possibility that something we “knew” to be true was in fact false; maybe in this universe or another.

Plato said: “science is nothing but perception.” I would say “science is the ultimate adventure”. A quest into the frontier of human knowledge; stumbling over the edge and into a foreign realm of unlimited possibilities. We have to repeat studies in order to verify results and pioneer studies are always on a quest to discover something new. Both of these have something in common: the ability to surprise and inspire wonder in humans.

The universe is filled with magic and wonder and the best part is that the most striking and wonderful objects and processes are not one that humans made. The complexity and beauty of the natural world are unrivaled. Look through any of David Attenborough’s work, a geology textbook, or take a step in any biodiverse forest and the wondrous imagery and emotions that sprouts from them are all encompassing and visceral. The stars and planets and astronomical events are both inspiring and humbling.

Science isn’t just for everyone; science IS everyone.

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