Woodland Alliance

I have not really talked about my band Woodland Alliance because for some reason I wanted to keep these two projects separated. I have recently realized that both projects cover similar themes and some people might enjoy the lyrical aspect of my work in Woodland Alliance. I was playing bass in the band for aContinue reading “Woodland Alliance”

Absinthe Flights on Summer Nights

I really should not fly this low at night. But the experience of neon lights streaming by while blasting The Bumper Brothers with the smell of absinthe wafting through the cockpit really gets my fizzes whizzing. Good thing this ship can fly itself. My dance moves are prime right now and the thrusters are setContinue reading “Absinthe Flights on Summer Nights”

Banana Skin Song Analysis

Banana Skin was a song that I wrote around 2015 during the Demonbow solo years. Lyrics Analysis I have resisted doing lyrics analyses until now because I am always of the mind that lyrics are personal for the listener. This song means something different to you when you listen than it does to me andContinue reading “Banana Skin Song Analysis”

I Wish I Knew How to Play Music

Tonight was the night. The Golden Light filled the hall and cast a spell on its inhabitants. Eyes rolled back, we shouted at the heavens to give us The Gift That Keeps on Giving. We have had many Gatherings of The Golden Light but all have been yet unsuccessful. This time when we gathered andContinue reading “I Wish I Knew How to Play Music”

Why Alex G Brings Me So Much Happiness

Alex G, also known as (Sandy) Alex G, is a singer-songwriter and lo-fi indie rock artist. Every time I hear a song that he released I think: “man, he wrote another song that I wish I wrote”. He is an extremely prolific songwriter but only a small fraction of his music is on Spotify andContinue reading “Why Alex G Brings Me So Much Happiness”

Star Voyage Interview

Audio Version of Interview: Star Voyage is a musical project by Jordan Muse, self described as: “musical equations to solve matters of life and the universe. Musical scapes to relax and meditate to.” Mobius Drift is Star Voyage’s newest audial space venture, experimenting with minimalism and tension in addition to “exploring jazzy atmospheres”. The inspirationContinue reading “Star Voyage Interview”

Kirby’s Adventure on NES is My Favorite Album of All Time

The Soundtrack on Youtube Kirby’s Adventure gives me all sorts of warm fuzzy nostalgic feelings. The color palate, art style, and lullaby soundtrack form a triforce of comfort. The sound design of this game is technically the most complex of all NES games due to it being released 8 years after the launch of theContinue reading “Kirby’s Adventure on NES is My Favorite Album of All Time”